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Unique Art Inventor,  WAZID KHAN

An Indian famous artist, sculpture, portraitist, inventor and patent holder, Wazid Khan started his journey at the age of 14 year. In 1995, this top Indian artist designed the world’s smallest electric iron which was named in the Guinness Book of World Records. Born and brought up in a small village Sonagiri, Madhya Pradesh, Wazid has been awarded three times by the former President, APJ Abdul Kalam for his unique art work.Wazid Khan is the first ever famous artist to mark the patent for Nail Art, an art of hammering iron nails into a hard acrylic / PVC foam sheet to create unimaginable portraits with fine details of facial expressions of the object.
He famous art work comprise 200 inventions including bullet art, automobile parts art, stone portraits, nail art, electric iron etc.
Being an Indian artist, Wazid himself did not like painting much but his interest was centred to showcase ordinary things in an extraordinary form. This interest moulded him to create human faces by arranging and hammering tiny nails on cardboard. This unique art he named as “Nail Art”. Wazid found place in the World Record Book, Guinness Book of World Record, Golden Book of World Record, Limca Book of World Record, India Book of World Record and Asia Book of World Record.

His unique art is being exhibited outside India also including Dubai and London. He is not only famous artist in India but also a famous Dubai artistWajid Khan not only used his sculpture art as medium to spread happiness or express his passion but he has also played a noteworthy role in awakening the society.
In 2014, world famous artist became a part of ‘SAVE GIRL CHILD’ campaign drive and with the use of medical equipments he created an amazing sculpture of an innocent crying girl. This amazing artist illustrates that a scissor which is used in stitching the wounds, and a stethoscope which is used to measure heart beats, is often the reason for the death of an innocent. This Ceretive Artist  Wajid has heroically shown this reality with the help of medical equipments and has spread a message to stop foeticide.  

The Ceretive_artistunexplained Unique art work of the World’s most famous artistWajid’s fingers will be seen across the world in 2022 FIFA world cup, to be held in Qatar. He will show his skill in making amazing Indian art.  

For more information of Wajid Khan’s creative artist and unique art work you can go through the website: to see exceptional work of famous artist Wajid Khan.


For more information of Indian Famous Artist  Wajid Khan art work you can go through the website : 

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